Convention Guidelines

The following guidelines and expectations are intended to create a Christian, peaceful, and spiritual atmosphere for the convention and to help everyone benefit and enjoy this year’s convention. The following will be strictly enforced and anyone who does not respect these rules may be asked to leave.
  1. Attending the Convention is optional. However, once you have committed to attending, you are expected to attend all prayers, meetings, and group activities.
  2. Cellular phones (and pagers — for doctors –because if you’re still using a pager and you’re not a doctor, there are bigger things to worry about) must be silenced during scheduled activities.
  3. Please keep a positive and spiritual attitude.
  4. Name badges must be worn and displayed at all times.
  5. We recommend that everyone bring his/her own Bible and Agpeya to use during the lectures, discussions, and quiet times.
  6. Alcohol, smoking, and drugs are strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.